Hello everyone. It’s Anna here with my newest page. The theme for this week is SPRING or EASTER and I couldn’t be more happy about it. I love making spring pages with fresh colors and flowers. Because of the situation around the world I wasn’t able to snap fresh pictures yet but I have plenty of them from previous years. I decided to reach for photos we took during our trip to Netherlands few years ago. We visited fantastic Keukenhof Garden, known for splendid tulips. It’s only open for few weeks of spring. I toom so many pretty photos that it was hard to choose only few. I decided to use 5 and put them in a row. I was looking for matching line and papers from “Love always” drawn my attention.

I like revisiting older lines. I can look at them with fresh eye and use up the leftovers. To avoid boredome and change things a little bit I didn’t use straight lines. I tilted a second layer paper a little bit and use this angle as a guideline for further layers.

My pictures are colorful and I wanted them to remain the main star of the project. I decided to keep things simple and I added only a few embellishments around the photos, mostly flowers from ephemera pack. I also found few woodies from various lines and added them here and there.

My title is a combination of cardstock sticker, and two different alpha stickers. Mixing different fonts makes things more interesting. You can mix stickers with cut outs from digital die cutting machine. There are plenty of possibilities.

Do you like going back to the older lines or, in a very moment you get new ones, you just forget about them? That is all for today. I hope I inspired you to do some digging in the older stuff. Especially now, when we finally have time to use up everything we were hoarding for years 🙂 Thank you for stopping by and see you in two weeks <3

XO Anna

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