Hello hello everyone. It’s Anna here and today I want to share with you a fun project I made with pretty “Daydream” collection. Usually I start creating with a certain memory in mind or a photo, or at least a collection I want to use. This time the whole process started with a die I purchases few weeks ago. I don’t know how your scrappy shopping process looks but I tend to buy things just because they are pretty or because I saw someone making a pretty thing with them. It happens even though I know it doesn’t fit my style 100% or will be hard to use on layout or in an album. Shame on me – I know!!! So I recently challenged myself to put every item in use. Floral dies are the first on my list. I knew I couldn’t recreate the flowers that will look like real ones – I am just too lazy for than 🙂 so I made more simple versions.

I picked few pattern papers from “Daydream” like “Sun shower” and “Stepping stones” and some older paper scraps. I took me a while to cut out many, many flowers and put them together. I haven’t done anything fancy, just shaped the petals a little bit with the rounded pen tip and glued them together. CVS papers work really well this way and it was an easy task. I created few sizes of flowers and a lot of leaves.

I took 6 inches wide embroidery hoop and backed it with two sheets of plastic foil with sequins and glitter in between. You can still see through it so the final result is very subtle. I glued down the flowers on one side creating a cascade that drops in the bottom creating a line. I filled everything with leaves in two different shades of green. You can also spot few butterflies here and there, sitting on the flowers. I fussy cut them from “All Aflutter” paper.

I also added small puffy heart for a yellow accent. Everything else is just a plain paper. I just love the possibilites this simple product gives. You can create wonder with just few sheets. Especially if they are as pretty as the ones from “Daydream” collection. If you want this kind of hanging composition to last longer, choose the good glue. I glued part of the flowers with hot glue gun so they will stick like forever. Just remember not to use hot glue over the transparency. It will bend and melt quickly. Instead, reach for a good doublesided tape. To make a composition even stronger, add small drops of glue in between flowers so they will be all connected.

Last step of my process was to add small bow and a piece of string to be able to hang the hoop on the wall. It was such a fun process, with no specific outcome in mind. I just made a bunch of flowers and then figured out what I can do with them. It first I was going to add some small photo but I liked this simple floral look so i turned the hoop into the decoration.

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope I inspired you a little bit to reach for your dies and put them in good use. I am still waiting for the box with new collection to arrive and fingers crossed I will be able to share my first project made with it in two weeks.



One thought on “Floral home decor | Daydream Collection | Anna Komenda

  1. Chantal says:

    I do the same thing especially with cutting dies and when I receive them I often can’t remember or find my inspiration for buying it. I love everything about this project, it’s so pretty.

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