Happy Monday everyone!

It’s coming up to that time of year again… and we have a gorgeous new Christmas collection for you!

I am absolutely smitten with this collection… it is so sweet and whimsical with the most gorgeous Christmas characters you ever did see!  It’s fun and full of joy, and everything that is magical about the holiday season!

We have our usual line-up of products, which you all know and love, as well as some new additions that I am pretty excited about… including CHIPBOARD STICKERS (YAY!!!) with Gold Foil Accents, Puffy Gold Titles, and the sweetest little Glitter Puffy Stars!  We have also brought back some of the popular items from our last collection, including Puffy Stickers and Wood Epoxy Buttons, and our stickers have gold foil accents!

This collection will start shipping to our wonderful retailers Mid October 2021

There’s a chance for you to WIN the full collection, so read on to find out how!

For a chance to WIN this fun & festive collection, just leave a comment below telling us what you think of our new Joyful collection!


Winners will be announced shortly after this date.

Thanks so much for joining me today, and I hope you love our new collection… have a wonderful week!

♥ Zoe

372 thoughts on “NEW Joyful Collection | Reveal & Give Away!

  1. Fiona Hogben says:

    This collection is amazing!! I adore all of the gorgeous little animals!!

  2. Cristio says:

    It’s beautiful and will compliment the parts I have left of last years collection too .

  3. Cherie Naera says:

    I’m first??? Am I first?? I want it ALLLL.
    if I won this I’d fall off my chair honestly. Love the colours and the way it still combines with last years. Love love love xxx

  4. Sara B says:

    Wow Zoe. Another lovely collection. I love the animals and the foliage. I can’t wait to use this one. I always love the tiny words in the accessories stickers, and love the puffy words too.

  5. Rosslyn Coutts says:

    A lovely Christmas collection..can’t wait to use it with my grandkids Christmas photos

  6. Rose says:

    I love that it can be used for our warm weather Australian Christmas photos 😁

  7. L Neil says:

    Oh wow I just love this collection, already have planned on using the little fox on my daughters Christmas layout, love x

  8. Kerry says:

    This looks amazing!! Can not wait to start creating with this collection! Well done!

  9. Michelle Henderson says:

    I was so hoping you’d do another Xmas collection Zoe! Last year’s was wonderful but oh! Those cute little animals!!!

  10. Debra Beer says:

    I love love this collection, colours are beautiful, I love the animals and the foliage, I am really looking forward to the Gold foils

  11. Vicky-Anne Houley says:

    OMG What a Delightful and Joyfilled collection Zoe, without a single snowflake to be seen <3
    So many bits to this collection that I will just have to "collect"! I can't wait until I can purchase this new collection from the stockists 🙂 Just adore the little creatures <3

  12. cassandra tooth says:

    We absolutely love this collection. So amazing!
    Thanks again for another stunning collection Cocoa Vanilla Studio <3
    We can not wait to have it in our shop.

  13. Anne Farrar says:

    Zoe the colours are beautiful; love all the stars; & the little forest creatures are adorable. Thanks for sharing your creativity with us! ❤️❤️

  14. Joanne Jouannet says:

    I never scrap Christmas but this range is really tempting me. I love that it isn’t traditional colours, and very versatile.

  15. Laura Decker says:

    It is everything I imagined it would be & more!!! You knocked it out of the park, Zoe!

  16. Anja curvers says:

    Yet another gorgeous collection and since the colors aren’t traditional it can be used for many other occasions. Love the versatile papers and embellishments especially all those cute animals. Can’t wait tolay my hands on this collection.

  17. Susan Ballard says:

    Looking forward to buying the Joyful collection Have lots of ideas for my Christmas cards this yest

  18. Melinda says:

    Just gorgeous! I live the soft whimsical colours & gorgeous Christmas animal friends.

  19. Nicole Hary says:

    Amazing as always Zoe!!! Love all the stars, pink tones and the super cute animals!!

  20. Nicole Power says:

    Looooooooooove 😍❤️… That’s all that really needs to be said 😁💕

  21. Bez says:

    Zoe, you know I love ALL your collections! This one does not disappoint. Putting in a pre order with my local scrapbook store. ❤️

  22. Belinda Ryken says:

    Another absolutely stunning collection. Definitely want to make this a part of my documenting for this year 😍

  23. Clair Rigby says:

    Wow. It’s such a beautiful collection. I especially love all of the cute, little critters!!!

  24. Mavis says:

    Love this Joyful collection. The colours are perfect and I love all the adorable animals. Well done!

  25. Naomi Kentwell says:

    I love Christmas and this collection is just another reason why, beautiful Zoe ❤️❤️

  26. Lorraine Freeman says:

    Anothet beautiful collection, I absolutely love the colours.
    Not so keen on the critters as they are too cartoony for me, sorry.
    Would still love to win 😀

  27. Hannah Arnold says:

    Oh my gosh. This is so so SO cute! As I scrolled through the post I kept thinking “omg so cute”, “it’s so cute”, “oh my gosh”. The collection is truly soooo cute and perfect and I CANNOT wait to play with it. Congratulations on another great one – and yay for all of us who get to enjoy this!

  28. Donna Creedon says:

    So pretty! The colours are gorgeous and the ‘B’ side of the papers is so nice too. Love the diecuts too.

  29. Jessica says:

    Zoe I don’t know how you do it but you get better and better every time! I adore this collection! Those little critters! And love the gold title thickers, that font is the cutest!

  30. Chantal says:

    Beautiful, a gorgeous modern Christmas feel to it with all the classic Christmas touches but I love the colour palette so much. Well done on yet another gorgeous release.

  31. Lisa Skinner says:

    Oh my gosh this is stunning! The right balance of modern & traditional ♥️ Just love it!

  32. Mel Roberts says:

    This collection is absolutely amazing, the colour palette is beautiful and the puffy stickers are just adorable. I can’t wait to start doing Christmas layouts with this collection

  33. Leanne Lees says:

    Love love love…the pink and the mint is lovely and the little animals so cute.

  34. Debra Weston says:

    Another fabulous collection Zoe. For someone that is unable to fussy cut there is a lot of bits and pieces in this collection that I could use. Love it xx

  35. Angela says:

    Love love love this collection it’s sooo pretty! Love the puffy stickers and titles the most.

  36. Karen Campbell says:

    Very nice and will Congo very nicely with last years Christmas range 🙂

  37. Debbie Rollins says:

    WOW the colors are beautiful
    Loving the floral paper and the wreath, fussy cutting time!!

  38. Naomi says:

    Love love love this cute cute cute collection, the animals and icons are the cutest and those puffy stickers and words ooooohhhhhhh aaaahhhhhhh oooooohhhhhh la la la la laaaaaaa 😍❤️😍

  39. Marie Hirst says:

    Beautiful! Those little critters are just the most adorable things ever! I may NEED this collection!

  40. Melinda Sweetman says:

    Squirrels and bears and bunnies, oh my 😍 Zoe, I love this so so much, it’s beautiful!! Thanks for the chance to win it!!!

  41. Katarina Prevendarova says:

    One of the top Christmas collections this year! So very pretty!😍😍😍

  42. Shelle Robinson says:

    Holy wow Batman! The foil accents are gorgeous and the little critters.. oh my! The most amazing pieces of Christmas without the snow flakes… I am over the moon. Thank you 🥰💕

  43. Mell T says:

    Such a gorgeous collection. Amazing work once again, your collections never disappoint. Love all the add on like the chipboard stickers, wood buttons and puffy stickers. Excited !!

  44. Nicole says:

    I love this range,,,,, the colours, little animals, and absolutely everything is gorgeous

  45. Shannon Irvin says:

    Just beautiful!!! I love all of your collections so it’s no surprise I love this one!

  46. Alexandra Skifton says:

    I adore all your collections! But these animals have my heart! 💖 🐻 🐰

  47. Mary Tamura says:

    Omg this is gorgeous! I love everything single piece of this new collection!

  48. Anita Enright says:

    Another amazing collection.
    This would be another smash hit for a mini album that I’d auction to raise funds for RIZE UP for Christmas.

  49. Piroska Czakó-Radványi says:

    What a beautiful Christmas collection! I really like the colours, and that gorgeous wreath paper! Lovely to see so many beautiful embellishments too!

  50. Anne says:

    The whole thing is absolutely gorgeous! The prettiest colors and artwork…love, love!

  51. Bek Jones says:

    This is the perfect Christmas range. I would love to make some little books to give as gifts.

  52. LeahA says:

    O. M. G. 😍😍 This range is divine 😍😍 Can’t wait for this to hit the shelves 😍😍

  53. Shirley Macdougall says:

    This collection is such a fun one – I just love all the little crittas

  54. wendy steward says:

    Such a gorgeous whimsical fun collection
    lovely for Aussie christmas pages.


    Such a great Christmas collection.
    I love the colors and all the little animals are very cute.

  56. Georgia wilson says:

    What a wonderful christmas collection 😍😍😍 the fox and other critters are my favourite. I cant wait to get my hands on all of it !!

  57. Jules Stevens says:

    Love the colours… the shades of green are so much nicer than traditional dark green! And the pink and gold just enhances it all further… lovely collection

  58. Elizabeth Payne says:

    I love this collection so much I am definitely going to do December Daily!

  59. Rachael Raccani-Hewitt says:

    So gorgeous- I can’t wait to use the cute critters on my Christmas layouts this year!

  60. Monica says:

    Mamma mia!!! Another wonderfull collection. I’m totaly addicted to your creations

  61. Linda says:

    I love the softer colours of this collection. The critters are gorgeous as well. Love it all.

  62. Yvette says:

    Zoe this is beautiful. Love the whole collection but my favourite has to be the puffy stickers, so cute and the sayings are wonderful.

  63. Caroline says:

    Ho Ho Ho 😍 ! It’s amazing collection, I can’t wait to find it in store! Congratulations on this wonderful work. See you soon. Caroline

  64. Tahlia Knightly says:

    I am so excited by this new Christmas collection! I love all the colours and the cute critters! How sweet. Can’t wait to get my hands on this.

  65. jean marmo says:

    A simply superb collection filled with everything I need for layouts and an album! Love the puffy sticker words, the buttons, the animals and just all of it!!! You have a winner with this! Thank you for the amazing opportunity!

  66. Tina PT says:

    Wow! 😍 love this collection so much!! Wverything about it is so amazing but I especially love those little critters!! Also really loving the title stickers❤

  67. Joanne moore says:

    Oh my!!!! Those cute little animals are the best! I need it all. I’m off to do a pre order

  68. Andrea Gray says:

    This collection is so gorgeous! I love the traditional colors but making them slightly muted is GENIUS! Plus the animals are soooo cute!

  69. Petra de Vroege says:

    My oh my oh my! I thought Merry & Bright was fun but you did it again!! This collection is stunning, cute and everything in between <3

  70. Nicoletta Bruno says:

    I love your work! All collections are wonderful! Every time you overcome yourself!
    I love it! ♥️

  71. Wendy says:

    Wow, how gorgeous and beautifully festive is this new collection! I love it, especially as I have young children and documenting their love of Christmas with this collection will just look absolutely delightful!

  72. Rebecca says:

    Hi Zoe
    You have done it again coco vanilla is just amazing. I love the little animals and the soft colours so pretty. Thank you

  73. Meegan Harris says:

    Well done Zoe 💛 especially love the gold foil touches and as always the puffy stickers.

  74. janet Lavoie says:

    As always, I love this new line! The ephemeras with the cute animals 😍 I need this collection in my life!

  75. Marianna Temesfői-Szilágyi says:

    Wow, it is lovely, this collection is absolutely amazing, every pieces are just adorable. I can’t wait to start doing DD and Christmas cards.

  76. Nicole Santos says:

    This collection is everything!!! Thanks for the giveaway too! Can’t wait to get my hands on this collection!

  77. Sarah Bent says:

    This is the cutest collection I have seen. I loved Merry and Bright but this is even better with the colours and animals. I can wait to start creating with it.

  78. Helen says:

    A superb muted collection, just perfect for out hot Aussie Christmas weather. Especially love the puffy title stickers and the charming little rabbit in the animals collection. The gold stars are always a lovely finishing touch to a layout. Congratulations.

  79. Michelle Pratt says:

    Oh Zoe, it’s absolutely gorgeous. I just love your style and it’s so different to other collections on the market. I just can’t wait! ❤️

  80. Willow Brown says:

    What an absolutely gorgeous collection 😍 I love the colour scheme & those woodland animals are just the sweetest! ❤️

  81. Mimi r says:

    Oh my goodness – cuteness overload! Just my style and I can’t wait to get his collection!

  82. KariLynn L says:

    Gorgeous collection. I just adore the cute animals. Love the colour palette and patterns, so unique!

  83. Lisa Geraty says:

    Oh my goodness! I have just downsized my craft space and swore I wouldn’t get anymore Christmas stuff but I need all of this!! The colors are gorgeous, the little critters are adorable. I love all of the papers. I’m so excited to get my hands on this collection.

  84. Desiree Lamar says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!! I love it and the colors. I am so excited to see chipboard stickers back. I can’t wait to get my hands on this.

  85. Lizzi Drew says:

    Such a subtle palette for the collection- perfect for the photos to be the stars of the layouts. With whimsical ephemera to bring the photos to life. I cannot wait to create with the collection’

  86. Amanda Haj says:

    I love the gold puffy phrase stickers and the softness of all the colors! I would love to play with this collection! 😍 I’ve shyed away from Christmas 🎄 I hated playing around with it but I would be happy to play with this one

  87. kikki.sch says:

    OMG!!! A beautiful collection 😍😍 These colors!!! Mini album, christmas countdown calendar … awww I have sooo many ideas!!! Fingers crossed 🍀💫💕

  88. Christine Brewer says:

    Oh wow. This collection makes me so happy. I love Christmas and this is so gorgeous and the cute animals are perfect.

  89. Rasha Badawy says:

    I love the colours you used for this collection. The soft tones of red, green and mixing them with pink. The papers are really nice and a lot of them can be fussy cutted. My favourites are the wreath and advent calendar.

  90. Leanne Flindt says:

    Omg, just beautiful, loving the softer subtle colour, will be perfect to scrapbook my new grandson which will be arriving early November, just in time for Christmas 🎄

  91. Nicole England says:

    Another gorgeous collection. I love the soft colours, the cute animals and the gorgeous advent page. Thank you for the chance to win, its a very generous prize.

  92. Fiona Tuckwell says:

    Another beautiful collection by Cocoa Vanilla. Love the joy of Christmas & this cute Joyful range.

  93. Marcia Dehn-Nix says:

    Ooooh, this collection is so adorable! Love the softer color palette. My Christmas stash is definitely going to get an influx of Joyful!

  94. Cynthia Baldwin says:

    Wonderful collection! I love the soft pink and green for a holiday line. Plus, the gold foil will add some shine and elegance to my future projects!

  95. MandaJane says:

    This collection would be so perfect for scrapbooking my 4 kids! I really love this one. I can’t wait to get it. ❤️

  96. Sue Smith says:

    I love this collection with its whimsical feel and cute little animals! Can’t wait to use it! 😍😍

  97. Dawn says:

    OMG this collection is so super adorable. Love the colors and all the cute animals. ❤️

  98. Deb H says:

    Beautiful collection. Love the animals, especially the cute deer, and that touch of gold is perfect. 🙂

  99. Lisa Jolley says:

    What a perfect collection, so soft & pretty. Love the cute little woodland critters too

  100. Jane says:

    Oh my goodness! it is so gorgeous! the cute little puffy stickers, the beautiful gold puffy title words, the gold glitter stars, and the adorable little animals have stolen my heart. Think I will need two packets of all the embellishments. What is not to love 🙂

  101. Wendy Woodhead says:

    I have a new (1st) granddaughter & this will be perfect for Christmas photos

  102. Becca says:

    I love this so much! It would be perfect for my first Christmas with my 3 year old and 2 week old daughters together 🥰

  103. jules says:

    love the soft woodlands theme – so very cute and versatile beyond christmas layouts…

  104. Alyssa says:

    This is absolutely adorable! I love the soft colors. If I don’t win, I hope I can find it to purchase.

  105. Michelle says:

    Such a gorgeous Christmas 🎄 collection
    Very soft colours which would go perfectly with my theme this year

  106. Anneleise Hampson says:

    Yay! I absolutely am joyful over your amazing Christmas collection. I would love to create some beautiful layouts with this set.

  107. Marilyn Peter says:

    I love everything about this collection! 😍 I have 9 grandchildren to scrap each Christmas and it would be perfect 🤩! Love the stars ✨ the colours and the florals as usual. The little animals are sooo cute! ❤️

  108. Clara Stairs says:

    Another beautiful collection!! I love the forest animals!!! Perfect to document my grandson’s second Christmas.

  109. Janine says:

    Another gorgeous collection by a very talented creative! Love the colours – the wreath is my favourite, but also loving the 3×4 cards to fit into my PL. Thanks!

  110. Judy Woodward says:

    Love it all. Thanks for a gorgeously range, with no hint of snowflakes. Well done.

  111. SUSAN MCINTYRE says:

    Cute and has a softness to it. Would be fun for pictures of my grandbaby.

  112. Sarah Hemmings says:

    Where was this collection when my boys were little??? This is definitely a collection that makes my heart smile. Beautiful as always, Zoe. ❤️

  113. Stephanie Angela says:

    Zoe, you have outdone yourself! This is a very beautiful collection!

  114. Hollie says:

    I love how this collection is not based around a white Christmas. I love the little creatures. I am not a big user of Christmas theme products due to the colours but these colours are perfect.

  115. Kerry Smith says:

    I love Christmas and Cocoa Vanilla collections ….. perfect match for me!

  116. Kim-maree Warden says:

    I’m drooling. Once again beautiful collection. Love the muted colours. You never disappoint.

  117. Lynn Bradford says:

    Absolutely beautiful I love the soft colours. It’s such a special time Christmas 🎄 💕

  118. Melissa says:

    Joyful is just beautiful. I love the little woodland animals. I will use this for my baby girls first Christmas. ❤️

  119. Sharon Jackson says:

    J Jolly
    O Outstanding
    Y Yummy
    F Fabulous
    U Unforgettable
    L Lovely
    Another stunning collection from Cocoa Vanilla.

  120. Megan says:

    I am so glad I haven’t purchased my supplies for my December Daily yet as THIS will be the perfect collection to get. I love the colours, soft and gentle which are perfect for a warmer weather Christmas in Australia! And the animals and retro feel are right up my alley. Thank you Zoe, I will be picking this up for sure. All of it!

  121. Anja Deurloo says:

    This collection is beautiful!! AGAIN!!
    December Daily is combinatie up!

  122. Daphne van der Meulen says:

    Hi Zoe, You rocked it again with this collection! I love the non- traditional Christmas tones! And those puffy’s!! Adore! Love to get my hands on this one- as Always with your collections!

  123. Kim says:

    Another amazing collection that I can’t wait to use xx it’s just beautiful , the animals are the sweetest x

  124. Sally G says:

    This collection is just perfect!!! Love the colour palette and those cute little animals!!! 😍

  125. Giorgia says:

    I love this soft colours for Christmas 😍 Another stunning collection from Cocoa Vanilla ❤️

  126. Helen Slape says:

    I especially love the double-sided journalling cards, perfect for my albums.

  127. Giselle says:

    Such a pretty collection! I love the puffy title stickers especially but all of is on my wish list!

  128. katevdp says:

    This collection is lovely – the critters are really cute. My favourite piece is the gold words. Lovely!

  129. Allyson Meinholz says:

    Love this collection so soft – and perfect for the Christmas season!!!! Love all the cute lil critters.

  130. Decobelle says:

    It is a wonderful collection !! Love it!!
    I have been an absolute fan of your designs for years! Congratulations!!

  131. Debbie Baillie says:

    What a lovely gently coloured collection – such a fabulous change from brights. Love it! <3

  132. Sandi Brassard says:

    What an adorable and festive Christmas collection. Love it all. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  133. Carmelita Shea says:

    Love this collection….just when I think you’ve outdone yourself, you up the game and create more awesome collections.

  134. Kendra Hum says:

    Love the soft colours of this collection and that little rabbit is so adorable!

  135. Nathalie Catelin says:

    it looks to damn cute for christmas, the colors are soft but still christmas and love the gold accent and the double sided cards. I miss a reveal video

  136. Margie Mendez says:

    Ohmygoodness! This collection is fabulous! The colors are gorgeous. Can’t wait to get my hands on this.

  137. Nathalie Catelin says:

    it looks to cute for christmas, the colors are soft but still christmas and love the gold accent and the double sided cards. I miss a reveal video

  138. Tamara Mähr says:

    Oh what a beautiful new collection. I love the softer color and cute animals. Can’t wait to play with it.

  139. Cathy Lawrence says:

    Ho Ho Ho, what a bag full of scrappin Christmas cheer. Loved the subtle tones of the new range. I can’t wait to get elbows deep in this Joyful Christmas Range. Well done CCV ❤️

  140. Wendy Meffan says:

    Another gorgeous collection ! I can’t wait
    to get my hands on this . Roll on Christmas 🎅🏼 🎄❤️🍸

  141. Amanda says:

    The Twelve Days of my Scrappy Christmas with this range (to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas)
    12 Amazing layouts
    11 Cards for friends
    10 Christmas tags
    9 Pocket pages
    8 Gift card holders
    7 Table place cards
    6 Tree ornaments
    5 Mini albums
    4 Pages in my journal
    3 Double spreads
    2 Gate fold boxes
    1 Advent calendar just for me

  142. Migdalia Rodriguez says:

    It is such a lovely collection for my Christmas projects!! I absolutely love the cute critters!

  143. Simone says:

    Joyful, what a perfect name for such a sweet collection. The little animals are absolutely adorable!

  144. Amber says:

    Love the lighter color palette with the traditional colors! That wreath paper is so cute!

  145. Joaephine Dinardi says:

    This is such a beautiful collection. It will add such a soft whimsical touch to holiday photos.

  146. Denise Reilly says:

    This collection actually gave me goosebumps….🥴🤷🏻‍♀️ The incredible details make it so unique…never has there been one close to this level. 🥰😍🙌👍🏼

  147. Lindsey Heilman says:

    This is the most adorable Christmas collection ever! The sweet little animals and the soft colors! *swoon*!

  148. Jill Cassity says:

    I absolutely love it!! My favorite Christmas collection of the season by far! I can’t wait to create with this one.

  149. Jenny Wayne says:

    What a lovely collection will go well with the Merry & Bright. Love the critters in this collection. Glad you guys brought out another Christmas collection. Love all your lines

  150. Shari Czerwinski says:

    I love the soft, non-traditional colors. One of the best collections I have seen this year for the holidays so far! Here’s hoping you chose my name 🙂

  151. Lynda says:

    I love these colors. It’s was easy to make a beautiful album with this Christmas collection.

  152. Stephanie says:

    Oh my gosh, this collection is just perfect to document our little girl’s first Cristmas this year! ❤️ the soft, girly touch to this beautiful colour palette and all the cute little critters make it perfect for her first Christmas album. This is exactly what I was looking for 😍

  153. Cindy Major says:

    I’m in love with this new collection. Cocoa Vanilla has a way to do soft colours that is nothing but drab. Another hit with this one!

  154. Sneha says:

    This whole collection looks so Magical to me 💫. Would love to win this 🥰.

  155. Carol Rossi says:

    I love the pastel colors from this collection! I have never seen a Christmas collection so delicate and romantic! Really beautiful!

  156. Eilidh Murray says:

    This will definitely be my Christmas collection of choice this year! The soft, delicate colours along with all the adorable characters make it perfect for documenting our first festive season in our new home this year 😍

  157. Mandy says:

    What a lovely collection 😍🎄 I would love to win it and craft with my kids.

  158. Marianela says:

    It’s absolutely pretty!!!😍 Love papers! Love puffy glitter stars! Love puffy gold title stickers! 🤩🤩🤩 Perfect for my december daily!

  159. Marilena says:

    Awesome! I love this collection so much. These papers would be perfect for my Christmas swaps 😍. Finger Crossed. Thanks for this opportunity.

  160. Estelle says:

    I really love this collection. Colors are beautiful. Patterns are so nice and delicate. Congratulations for the wonderful collection and thank you for the chance to win it.

  161. Monia Casagni says:

    This collection is amazing!! I love the softer colours and all the little animals!!!

  162. Veronica says:

    Awesome! This paper is perfect for my Christmas. I love so much this collection.

  163. Shiho Saito says:

    Love this new collection!!
    I like these lovely colours in pattern papers.

  164. Roxanne Smith says:

    I love this gorgeous collection! The adorable animals just do it for me. Absolutely love this collection!!

  165. Marina Perugini says:

    It’s so amazing, lovely and cute! The golden puffy stickers 😍…can’t wait to use it!

  166. Kathryn Cox says:

    I love how you’ve use traditional colours but nutted, that it can be used for southern or a Northern hemisphere Christmas. Everything is stunning, a true Christmas style

  167. Esmeralda says:

    These are my colours.🥰 It’ so beautiful and awesome! I want to use this for my December Story. Hope it will come to the Netherlands very soon😊♥️🎉🌲 Merry Christmas!

  168. Paola stella says:

    Meravigliosa a dir poco. Non vedo l’ora che arrivi per creare un album, delle card e tanto altro ancora!

  169. Toni says:

    This collection would be perfect for my December Daily 2021, love the colours and the cute critters!

  170. Kirsty Hilton says:

    What a sweet Christmas collection. I love the choice of colours soft and not overpowering. The sweet little critters will make any pages so cute. Can not wait to purchase this collection.

  171. Candice Carroll-Topp says:

    Another beautiful collection!! Love the little animals. Can’t wait to use it this year …

  172. Sara Kaminski says:

    I absolutely adore this collection!! That fox is sooo cute! I only wish there was more of him! Or at least one on the journal cards.

  173. Angela Smith says:

    Wow,I love everything about this collection, the muted colours, the fussy cutting, the journaling cards… Everything! I can’t wait to get started 😁😁

  174. Larissa says:

    I’m so looking forward to Christmas now! What an exceptional collection! Love it

  175. Sarah Brown says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! I love the color scheme and all the adorable elements.

  176. Sarah Wyles says:

    This collection is beautiful 😍 the colors are so pretty and look amazing together and those little animals are too cute!

  177. Cindy Noesen says:

    The colors are amazing😍. The designs are perfect! And I love all the extras:)

  178. carol says:

    An absolutely beautiful collection! I love the images, especially the bear; a creature we often see here in our part of Canada! Many days of crafting joy await your lucky winner! I’m going to check to see if my local retailers will be bringing in this line; it’s a must have (as are all things Cocoa Vanilla!).

  179. Sheri says:

    As always, love your Christmas collections!! I love the little woodland creatures! I’m a digital girl now and miss seeing your digital creations, I have quite a few of them! Just happy you’re still creating!!

  180. Emiley Steinbruegge says:

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