Hello lovely ones! It’s Kylie back with you on the blog and today I am sharing my top 3 favourite layouts for 2019. I actually found it hard to choose just 3 as I love all the supplies I have created with.Cocoa Vanilla Studio brings out the best of my creativity! Anyway, I have been browsing through my photo files and here are my favourite 3 for 2019 in no specific order!

1: CAPTURED featuring the UNFORGETTABLE collection.

This was the first layout I created with the new ‘Unforgettable’ collection.

I remember being totally smitten with the ‘STORYTELLER’ paper, (actually I still am) and I based my whole layout around this background page.Flowers are totally my jam and I loved how these layered blooms came together.All that colour and texture made my heart sing!

2: ‘THE BEST’ featuring the BOYS RULE collection.

The Boys Rule collection is probably one of my most favourite ever. I love everything about it from the colour palette to the icons and artwork. Whenever I create with this collection my layouts come together so fast and I am always happy with my finished page. It’s one of the easiest collections to create amazing layouts of my little man with. I remember loving myself sick once this was done as I was for once happy with my mixed media background. Haha! (Mixed media and I aren’t friends most of the time.)

3: ‘HAPPY DAYS’ featuring the ‘MIDNIGHT’ collection.

Whenever I create with the ‘Midnight’ collection I fall in love with the cute mason jars all over again….Every time! I have created several layouts with this range purely based on these cute jars as being a centrepiece of my completed design.Sometimes an element of design or a sticker or a colour really jumps out at you and for me this was the case. I added quite a few jars in this layout as well as using a cut file in my background. ‘Midnight’ has a lovely monochromatic vibe and pops of pink that really catch your eye.

So there you have it. I hope you have enjoyed taking a trip down memory lane with me today and you have enjoyed seeing my favourite layouts of 2019. Wishing you all a safe, happy Christmas and a lovely 2020.


One thought on “My Favourites | Mixed Collections | Kylie Kingham.

  1. Kelly Daye says:

    I adore your 3 favourites Kylie! Cocoa Vanilla is so feminine while being hip and cool. I love the colours and dreamy backgrounds. I’ve always loved the doodle’ish vibe of the ephemera and you design with it so beautifully xK

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