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Amanda is an Australian papercrafting and mixed media artist. She is a children's Art Educator for Little Picassos, and is also on a number of scrapbooking and papercraft Design Teams. Basically not a day passes where she is not busy in the studio creating something, and that's just the way she likes it!

Best Ever | Endless Summer | Amanda Baldwin

By | 2017-07-07T20:00:28+00:00 July 13th, 2017|Chit Chat, Design Team, Endless Summer|

Hi Cocoa Vanilla Friends & Fans!

Amanda here, and today I am sharing a scrapbook layout for the Endless Summer theme week!

This collection has such a soft pastel colour palette, and it truly creates the prettiest of Summer layouts!

I am always in awe of the fabulous pattern paper designs that Cocoa Vanilla Studio create, and the woodgrain papers are always a firm favourite of mine! They always add warmth to all the cool, pastel designs!

Here’s what I’ve created with the Endless Summer collection today….

“Best Ever”

Oh isn’t he the cutest?! He absolutely loves Summer days spent at the beach, and the Endless Summer collection is just perfect for documenting it all! And yes, you’ll spy woodgrain paper, CV-ES001 SWEET TREATS (reverse side) here to compliment and accent that fabulous clouds paper, CV-ES002 BLUE SKIES And don’t they look fabulous together?!! I have mounted Blue Skies onto white cardstock, and lightly distressed the edges because, it is after all, a boy page! In the layer beneath my super cute photo, you’ll also spy that cool green pattern paper, CV-ES006 SUNBLEACHED – just awesome!

The rest of my layout is simply layered embellishing with all the fabulous bits n pieces you’ll find in the Endless Summer collection! Let’s take a closer look at them…….

The WOOD VENEER are always incredible, and I couldn’t resist using the script words, Best Ever, for my title! Again, I have used woodgrain (DIE CUT EPHEMERA)  & VENEER to add warmth and balance to my layout. They also provide a touch of masculinity to this somewhat pretty page! The clouds are really fun, and playful!

 ACCESSORY STICKERS surround my large central photo, and add to the layering and colours in my scrapbook layout design! I should add that the doily and cotton floss are from my stash, but everything else in this layout is from the Endless Summer collection.

And how about those FLAIR!!! Good Life for sure!!!

The FLAIR BUTTON featuring the clouds design is just the cutest! I love how it coordinates perfectly with the Blue Skies paper! Really making a prominent feature of clouds on this beachy page!

You’ll spy more pretty DIE CUT EPHEMERA throughout my design, with many of the pieces layered togethered….

Oh Yeah! This kid has definitely got sunshine on a cloudy day!!! So happy and joyful!

Loving the high gloss, fun design WOODIES in this embellishment cluster, as well as the ENAMEL SHAPES!  

Endless Summer – It’s just too much fun!!!

Hope my Summer theme layout has inspired you!

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

til next time,

Happy Arty Days, Amanda xo 


Discover Adventure Time | You ROCK | Amanda Baldwin

By | 2017-06-22T14:32:32+00:00 June 27th, 2017|Chit Chat, Design Team, You ROCK|

Hi Cocoa Vanilla Studio Friends!

Amanda here, and today I have a super fun adventure theme layout using the fabulous You ROCK collection! You ROCK continues to be go-to collection for my Mister A for Awesome – it’s just so much fun! But enough chatter, let’s get straight into the good stuff!

Here’s my layout,

“Discover Adventure Time”

Oh wow! Total awesomeness! You can see why I totally LOVE the You ROCK collection! With such a stunning black and white photograph, I really wanted to make feature of the black, white & grey tones within this line, and bring it all together with pops of blue. I think this colour palette looks so striking!

I have used the super cool CVS-YR002 IN LINE pattern paper for the base layer on my white cardstock, and embellished over it all. My sweet photograph has been double mounted with pattern papers CVS-YR006 RANDOM & reverse side of CVS-YR004 STRIPPED, then adorned with ACCESSORY STICKERS & that awesome RUBBER CHARM So cool!

Let’s take a closer look…….

A is for Awesome indeed!

So many fabulous embellies here! You’ll spy WOOD VENEER & CHIPBOARD STICKER arrows to lead your eye into my photograph, as well as DIE CUT EPHEMERA adorning it all! More awesome ACCESSORY STICKERS, and those ENAMEL SHAPES scattered throughout – love it!

Here’s the other side of my photo….

More RAD embellishments layered beneath and around my focal point. I have used stars, crosses & arrows as my main adornments, they coordinate perfectly together! The use of WOOD VENEER SHAPES really balances my page, and adds a touch of warmth and masculinity to this clean, contemporary design.

Let’s look beneath my photo….

OMGoodness! The RUBBER CHARM are like my favourite embellishments this year! I truly can’t get enough of them! To make this one even more impressive, I mounted it onto a CHIPBOARD STICKER for extra dimension! More cool arrows, and ephemera, but that striking DISCOVER title is actually from pattern paper CVS-YR006 RANDOM – love the cut aparts! And anyone who follows me knows that the typewriter font journal stickers are a staple item on all my layouts! So very cool (& a ton quicker than me typing my own, lol!)

Moving down the page, you’ll spy that final cluster at the base – also mounted on a thin strip of  CVS-YR004 STRIPPED paper. Boys rule! Total perfection for my boy! Love the shine on those ENAMEL SHAPES too!

The embellishments in You ROCK are truly the coolest……

Yep, I love You ROCK for my boy!

I hope my layout has inspired you to get creating with this awesome collection too! Grab yours in the store here

Thanks so much for stopping by today!

til next time,

Happy Arty Days,

Amanda xo  

Hello AWEsome | You ROCK | Amanda Baldwin

By | 2017-06-07T22:10:32+00:00 June 13th, 2017|Chit Chat, Design Team, Endless Summer, You ROCK|

Hi Cocoa Vanilla Studio Friends & Fans!

Amanda here, and I am so excited to be sharing my latest layout with the new You ROCK collection! This week our Design Team assignment is to scraplift a fellow DT member’s layout (past or present) and I am delighted to be lifting the insanely talented, Anna Komenda!  For those of you who don’t know, I am an enormous fan of Anna’s unique style – she never ceases to amaze me! Here’s her original design that I am lifting today…..

“Summer Fun” by Anna Komenda

Absolutely stunning!!! You can see why I just LOVE Anna’s creating!

I am also a huge fan of vertical designs and thought this layout would be a ton of fun to scraplift. And, with it being Summer in the Northern Hemisphere right now – Anna’s layout is great inspiration! And, for my version, I am inspired by the cooler months in the Southern Hemisphere. But enough chatter, here’s my scraplift of Anna’s original,

“Hello AWEsome” 

I absolutely adore how this turned out! You ROCK is such a perfect match for my Mr A for Awesome in the Autumn leaves! The colours in my photogrpah were just so perfectly balanced that it seemed a no brainer to draw upon them for my pattern paper choice! The warm, earthy and natural look of the reverse side of pattern paper CV-YR008 PLUS ONE (woodgrain) was always going to be my main feature paper, as were the Wood Veneer Shapes. The cool blues in my lil boy’s outfit and chucks had me grabbing at pattern paper CV-YR009 GALACTIC , as well as the blue highlighter tones from the awesome paper CV-YR004 STRIPPED. My final paper choice was CV-YR006 RANDOM – the reverse side coordinated with my son’s black & white cap, and the A side features that golden yellow, “You Rock” card. Perfection! All I really needed to do for this layout was embellish!

Let’s start with that Wood Veneer title….

The veneer shapes in You ROCK are SO much fun! I love that the AWE is capitalised in awesome – very cool! And just like Anna’s original, I’ve positioned my title vertically for big impact. Hello awesome, indeed!

Moving further up, you’ll spy that I have layered, and mounted, my You Rock journal card…..

It’s also embellsihed with that  BOOM Flair Button , a yellow Enamel Shape, a star Chipboard Accent Sticker & that incredible typewriter font Washi Tape Sticker! So many cool items here! I love the pops of yellow throughout my layout – they really create interest and coordinate with my colour palette so beautifully!

Let’s take a closer look at some more of those sweet yellow embellies…….

The layered stars are so much fun! Seriously, perfection!!!

I just love the tone of the yellow in You ROCK! It couldn’t be more on point!

How awesome are all the Die Cut Ephemera pieces too?!! That Happy Snaps camera had me from the moment I opened the packet, lol! And just like Anna’s design, I chose to use sentiment Accessory Stickers to lead your eye into my photograph. And Yes, he is officially amazing to us!!! 😉

Lots of decorative pieces adorning my photo too……

More camera goodness – could that veneer get any more adorable?!! And stars for my super star!

And there you have it!

My sweet Autumn take on Anna’s amazing Endless Summer design – I hope I did it justice! I’d love to know your thoughts!

Feeling inspired? Be sure to share your creations with us in the Official Cocoa Vanilla Studio Community group on Facebook, we love seeing what you’ve made too!

Thanks so much for stopping by today, til  next time,

Happy Arty Days, Amanda xo 

You’re Awesome You ROCK | You ROCK | Amanda Baldwin

By | 2017-05-22T14:03:35+00:00 May 27th, 2017|Chit Chat, Design Team, Inspiration, You ROCK|

Hi Cocoa Vanilla Studio Friends!

Amanda here with you today, and boy-oh-boy have I been hanging out to share my first layout with our totally awesome boy collection; You ROCK!

This collection is just so much fun & I couldn’t wait to use it for my Mr A for Awesome! But enough chatter, let’s get straight into the good stuff!

Here’s my layout,

“You’re Awesome You ROCK”

Isn’t this the coolest?!! The You ROCK collection is just so incredibly awesome that I just had to use it all in the one layout! Yep, you read correctly! You’ll spy at least one of every item from the line on this page! The circular design really lends itself to embellishing and WHOA! Doesn’t just scream fun?!!

Moving away from that mixed media feast and circle sensation for just a moment, you’ll notice that I introduced small trianlges into the page design too. There’s a method to my madness here!  I’ve used a whole lotta stars for embellishment, and stars have very sharp angles which contrast against the circle design. By adding the opposing corner triangles to my layout, I’ve created balance and a little unity between both geometric shapes. It creates a more natural flow for the eye. I’ve used WASHI STICKERS and foam mounted patterned paper, CV-YR005 NIGHT SKY to achieve this look.

Back to that awesome circle now…..

Let’s start at the center!

How fabulous is that Wood Veneer title? From the rockstar font to the boldness of the size; this veneer means business! Let’s get loud and shout it out! LOVE it!!! You’ll see that I’ve mounted my title onto a foam taped, old school View Master film from the DIE CUT EPHEMERA packet. I love that it’s been printed to look like a misted newspaper, and practice target – so cool! It really makes my title pop and be the central focal point for this design! There’s a super cool CHIPBOARD STICKER arrow beneath it all directing your eye into my photo next….

With such a big impact title I kept my photo small, simple,  as well as black & white, to contrast all the other page elements. I’ve layered my photo with both sides of the patterned paper CV-YR005 NIGHT SKY, a tab ACCESSORY STICKER, the RAD RUBBER CHARM,  and even a strip of the WASHI STICKERS to support it. To the lower right hand side of my photo, I’ve also embellished with that Awesome FLAIR BUTTON, some black cotton from my stash, and another terrific DIE CUT EPHEMERA piece. Here’s a closer look……

That’s My Boy, indeed! SO cool! Check out those stars and ENAMEL SHAPES too!!!

Some of the stars in my circle are fussy cut from the pattern paper CV-YR001 STARSHINE, others are DIE CUT EPHEMERA, ACCESSORY STICKERS, CHIPBOARD STICKERS and even RUBBER CHARMS! (I warned you – I had to use ALL the things! )

Here’s another look at the circular design and all those stars…..

Even the arrow has it’s own star! Such a bold and playful collection! Loving it all!

And I can’t go past that banner RUBBER CHARM!!! How incredible! It forms the first part of my title, and I LOVE it! It’s mounted onto a small WASHI STICKER strip for a lil extra highlight!

Total Awesomeness!!!

And there you have it! My first creation with the super cool You ROCK collection! Hope I have inspired you to get creating with it too!

Thanks so much for visiting and leaving a comment – it really means so much!

til next time,

Happy Arty Days, Amanda xo 

Grandma | Wild At Heart | Amanda Baldwin

By | 2017-05-07T22:08:09+00:00 May 13th, 2017|Chit Chat, Colour Me Happy, Cut Files, Design Team, Love Always, Wild at Heart|

Hi Cocoa Vanilla Studio Friends!

Amanda here, and today I am sharing a super sweet Mother’s Day theme layout with the Wild At Heart collection. This collection is oh-so-pretty and perfect for all the special ladies in our lives!  This layout is dedicated to a wonderful Grandmother who is very dear to us! So lucky to call her our Grandma!


Isn’t this delicate and divine?!! There’s a real softness and femininity to the watercolour background and those butterflies! You’ll spy that the Colour Me Happy Cut Files, Bitty Blooms,Alphabet Stickers from the Love Always collection team up perfectly with the Wild At Heart line too!

The CV-WH003 MARIPOSA fussy cut butterflies, and that Chipboard Accent Sticker butterfly are a main feature of this layout! Infact, the wing pattern and colours, and flight path were the inspiration for that delicate watercolour background too!

Let’s take a closer look……

Those butterflies really are divine!!! I adore that chipboard one tucked beneath my top corner of my precious photograph! Speaking of chipboard, you’ll also notice my photo being supported by a pretty pastel Chipboard Frame. There are two smaller frames anchoring my design too! And let’s not forget those cut files!!!! Who doesn’t love to add an extra layer, or point of interest, with a pretty Cocoa Vanilla Studio cut file?!

More deliciousness here with those pretty blooms, &  Wood Veneer Words (hearts). I love the warmth and balance that the wooden hearts bring to this design. Still soft and delicate, but just cutting through all the cool pastels and adding interest too!

I need to make mention of the Accessory Stickers! I love the typewriter font words, and these sweet sentiments double up  like little pops of journalling on my layout – so awesome! I’ve arranged them to follow the ‘flight path’ of the butterflies, in a diagonal flow. Love the extra element these stickers provide!

And how sweet is that ‘Be your kind of beautiful’ butterfly Accessory Sticker layered on the frame in the bottom corner……

Just loving it all!!! I mean seriously, that XO chipboard heart is too cute for words!!! And check out my favourite, go-to finishing touches item, the Enamel Dots (Sparkles)…..

Fab-u-lous! The Enamel Dots are truly a staple for every scrapbooker!!! I can’t live without them, lol!

I love that delicate ombre effect on the Love Always Alphabet Stickers title – very soft, and beautifully coordinated with the Wild At Heart collection.

Here’s a closer look at the top corner of my layout…..

SO very pretty!

Love this wonderful lady, and I think Wild At Heart was just perfect for capturing her!

I hope my layout has inspired you!

And to all the wonderful women in our lives, Happy Mother’s Day!

til next time,

Happy Arty Days,

Amanda xo

Hello Beautiful | Wild At Heart | Amanda Baldwin

By | 2017-04-21T19:39:01+00:00 April 27th, 2017|Chit Chat|

Hi Everyone!

Welcome back for more gorgeous Wild At Heart inspiration with Amanda!

Today I have a super pretty, monochromatic layout for you. I am totally smitten by all the blues in Wild At Heart, and just had to use them all!

I love how very feminine blue can be too!

Here’s my monochromatic layout,

“Hello Beautiful”

Oh how gorgeously girly is this?!! I love those pretty blues! Hello Beautiful, indeed!

You’ll spy that weathered board paper, reverse side of CV-WH002 ARTISAN as my main feature paper. I love that distressed vintage look! I’ve layered it with the gorgeous VELLUM SHEET, and backed it all with white cardstock. My sweet photograph is supported by 3 x 4 cut apart card from paper CV-WH004 PATCHWORK, as well as a journal card from CV-WH006 FUSSY CUTS. You’ll also notice two indigo CHIPBOARD FRAMES, a DIE CUT EPHEMERA doily, and a few ACCESSORY STICKERS for good measure! Just divine!

*I should make note that the white doily is from my stash, and not from Cocoa Vanilla Studio*

Let’s take a closer look at it all……

Isn’t that the sweetest CHIPBOARD FRAME poking out beneath my photo?!! I adore that pattern!

Speaking of adore, oh my, that bow!!! I think I need to convince Zoe to make this a future pattern paper design – it’s just the cutest!!! The CHIPBOARD ACCENT STICKERS are just the perfect adornment to any page!

You’ll notice that I used them for my vertical title too…..

Hello Beautiful! That title just pops! Love it!!!

Another ‘pop’ item would have to be that fabulous FLAIR BUTTON – it’s so glossy you can see a reflection in it!?! And it adds such a polished finishing touch to my photo layers!

Here’s another look at it….

Yep, that FLAIR BUTTON is awesome sauce! And ooooooh, those layers!!!

That HAPPY arrow, & intricate periwinkle print doily are from the DIE CUT EPHEMERA pack, and are firm favourites of mine – that doily is SO pretty!  

Another awesome CHIPBOARD FRAME, a few ACCESSORY STICKERS and a lil more DIE CUT EPHEMERA pieces complete my layout. So very beautiful!

I hope you’ve enjoyed viewing my monochromatic take on Wild At Heart!

Thanks for visiting,

til next time,

Happy Arty Days,

Amanda xo

Easter | Wild At Heart | Amanda Baldwin

By | 2017-04-05T23:30:33+00:00 April 13th, 2017|Chit Chat, Design Team, Wild at Heart|

Hi Cocoa Vanilla Lovelies!!!

Amanda here, and I am super excited to be sharing my Easter theme layout with you all today!

I am still totally crushing on the Wild At Heart collection, and have combined it with a Silhouette Store cut file for my scrapbook layout. The photo I am scrapping is from last year’s Easter Hunt when my son discovered Peter Rabbit in Mr McGreggor’s vegetable patch – so cute!

But enough chatter, let’s get straight into the good stuff!


Isn’t that photo just the sweetest?!!! A happy Easter memory for sure!

And how about that stunning background paper?!! I’ve used pattern paper, CV-WH002 – ARTISAN, and I just love the instant mixed media look it offers! Those watercolour swatches are just divine!  A beautiful painterly background without all the drying time – perfection!

I’ve paper pieced my cut file with a few pretty Wild At Heart papers too…..

Super pretty, huh?! You’ll spy CV-WH001 LUSCIOUS, CV-WH003 MARIPOSA, & CV-WH007 GROW WILD. The marble pattern on the reverse side of GROW WILD was ideal for backing my Easter eggs onto! Love how they turned out! I also supported the cut file with a ton of foam to really make it ‘pop’ off the page, and embellished it with some gorgeous blooms and butterflies from the DIE CUT EPHEMERA pack. Beneath my Easter title, you’ll also notice a sweet butterfly FLAIR BUTTON, here’s a closer look….

It’s no secret that I heart all the Cocoa Vanilla Studio FLAIR BUTTONS, but this butterfly one is just sooooo pretty! Love it! Best Ever, indeed!

That Best Ever! is actually a sticker from the ACCESSORY STICKERS that I have backed with cardstock and mounted on foam dots. I often use my stickers as an alternate to ephemera pieces, & the sentiment on this sticker worked beautifully with my happy Easter story.

To bring everything together, I’ve mounted my sweet photograph with two DIE CUT EPHEMERA frames (that just happen to coordinate with the papers in my Easter title), & then mounted a CHIPBOARD FRAME , that matches my base paper (ARTISAN)over my photograph. This really brings unity to the overall design, and provides balance as well.

The TOGETHER Happiness RIGHT HERE sentiments are from the pattern paper, CV-WH006 FUSSY CUTS. and the type writer words are more awesome stickers from the ACCESSORY STICKERS sheet. Here’s a closer look at the FUSSY CUTS …..

So much pretty going on here!

For finishing touches I added a few more DIE CUT EPHEMERA pieces, and voila! Page complete!

I just love how everything coordinates together so beautifully – perfection!

I hope you liked seeing my Easter theme page,

& feel inspired to scrapbook your Easter memories with Cocoa Vanilla Studio!

Thanks so much for visiting,

til next time,

Happy Arty Days, Amanda xo

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